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Applique Pressing Sheet 13 X 17

Applique Pressing Sheet 13 X 17

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Stock #: BT206

Product Content: Ironing / Pressing Aid

Type: Applique

Group Name: Best Selling Notion

Origin: Made in USA

This double sided sheet is made from an ultra high temperature A reusable non- stick pressing sheet and craft sheet that st fabric and is coated with a non-stick Polylon. The release-all ays in place. This is an ironing board protector and multi-pu sheet is guaranteed for 5 years. Free appliqué pattern is rpose craft sheet. It has a rubber side that holds the Grip-n included. -press in place. You may use it in paper piecing to keep ink off your ironing board. It makes great templates for perfect applique. 13"x17"

Applique Pressing Sheet 13 X 17 BT206 Bear Thread#1

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